Friday, July 20, 2007

Lampworking on YouTube

YouTube is the people's broadcast network. You can see movies of anything and everything, from good quality to poor quality. I went on the tube the other day to check out the lampworking videos. I was thinking of posting some video on the blog. After screening some of the video, I decided not. The reason is you can't see the hot bead in the flame due to the soda flare from the glass. I won't go into a long explanation about soda flare but the reason flameworkers wear the rose colored glasses (didydium lenses) is that the rose color cancels out the soda flare. We, the audience, need to see the bead. I couldn't really get a good look at any of the glass in the flames. Although the skill of the artists was good, the soda flare gets in the way.

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