Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ornament Thursday: Jingle Spiral

I'm all about instant gratification when it comes to crafts. If you're like me,today's Jingle Spiral Ornament will satisfy your need for craft speed! I used one of my handmade extra long (55mm or 2. 25 inches) flameworked Holiday Ornament Glass Spirals, 20 gauage silver wire and tiny oxidized silver metal bells. You'll need your flush cutters, round and flat nose pliers. (Pictures follow directions.)

Since measuring impedes instant gratification, I used the spiral to figure out how much wire to use. Unwind twice the length of the spiral or about 4.5 inches of wire. Cut using the flush cutters, it will give you a nice smooth end.

Use your round nose plies to make a loop at one end of the wire.

Straighten the remaining length of wire at the neck of the loop. You'll want the ornament to hang straight.

Add 3 tiny oxidized metal beads.

Add spiral.

Make small loop above the spiral.

Use your index finger to make the large loop for hanging the ornament.

Your Jingle Spiral is now ready to hang!

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Katie Hacker said...

Whoa. That spiral is awesome! Great idea to add jingles.

Margot Potter said...

What a kick arse bead! Fabulous.

Thanks so much for joining in the fun.


Lisa said...


Wow! I love the simplicity of that ornament!

Kriss said...

Beautiful! If only I had one of those gorgeous flameworked spirals it would be instant gratification!

JenniferJangles said...

Wow, that beautiful. Jennifer

Melissa J. Lee said...

Your spiral makes such a classy ornament. I like the addition of the jingle bells for both sound and movement.

Alexa said...

just beautiful.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks, Margot, Katie, Lisa, Kriss,Jennifer, Melissa, and Alexa! Thanks for stopping by to look and comment. Ornament Thursday is great fun!

Linda Augsburg said...

AMAZING bead! And the little bells add the perfect accent. Nice step shots too!

Hali Chambers said...

WOW!!! This is GORGEOUS! :-) Hali

Arrow said...

Ooooooo, that bead is amazing! I love it!

Vintage Blue Studio said...

That's very impressive! I bet it would look really neat (and beautiful) if a tree was decorated with several of them instead of the typical icicycle ornament you find at the store.


GirlfriendologyToo said...

I bet these look amazing with lights around them! WOW! Cool!!

Brandi said...


capitolagirl said...

Very pretty!