Wednesday, August 06, 2008

WireHead Talks Tools

WireHead's gonna talk tools today and I'll start with where to buy the tools.

Rio Grande
Rio Grande
Rio Grande

What? You say.

I know alot of other companies have jewelry making tools but the best selection I've ever seen is through the Rio Grande catalog. Rio Grande is lousy online but is an excellent catalog. On the East Coast, you have a wait a little longer to get the tools but it's worth it - they even have a refurbishing service where you can send the tools back and they'll sharpen your cutters. Cool.

As much as possible, I order from Metalliferous in NYC. It's closer so I don't have to wait as long and their catalog is online. You can download it and they have a massive amount of STUFF!

If we're talking online, Otto Frei has a good selection although I've never actually ordered from them.

So get a catalog and browse through it. What company makes your favorite tools?


Anonymous said...

Cindy.I checked out the metalliferous site and it was every thing you say.And the prices are jaw-dropping!Beautiful beads &great prices.I loaded up my cart,then when my brain woke up,I had to put some on wish list.But the store is great,and thanks for the info!
Gail W.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Gail,

Isn't it a great site! It's full of so much terrific stuff. I always over-order then have to go through and put some things on "hold." LOL!

Glad you found the post useful - I aim to please! :-)