Monday, January 18, 2010

Rivet, Rivet!

I'm working on a new metalsmithing skill - tube rivets! Embellished a few "Be" charms as practice.

Are you working on a new skill in the new year?


mairedodd said...

working on and mastering! awesome - am working on my cold connections as well! they look great...

Stevie said...

This year is my year to learn and "master" faux bone. I love the look and intricate detail I can apply.

Laura Bracken said...

Ooooh!I love your rivets! I want to start working with (or maybe I should say trying to learn to work with) metal tubing.

Yours are very inspiring (makes me want to get on with actually ORDERING some tubing... heh).

BTW, I'll tell you the caveats regarding that bracelet up for grabs and if you're still interested, it's yours.

One, there is a small nick on one of the garnets. Two, the wire around any given garnet MAY rise up (over the lip of the garnet) on occasion and need to be pushed down.

I've used this wire-wrapping technique on round gems before and it works great, but I wanted to use some flat stones this time and I think I need to tweak the technique a bit in order to make the wire more secure.

The bracelet is a bangle with an interior diameter of just over 2.75"... so it's not a snug fitting bracelet by any means.

If all of this is acceptable to you, just email me your address and it would be my pleasure to send it out to you.

I like it and would keep it for myself, but I already have so much jewelry that I don't wear (what kind of advertising is that?!?!).


BTW, it's all sterling (including the frame)... just in case you have allergies or need to know that it WILL tarnish if not kept in a baggie while stored.

Okay, now I have to go back and catch up on more of your blog. I love your creations!!!

Cindy said...

Hi Cindy
Your new riveted charms are wonderful! I really like the mixed metal colors. I'm working on basic riveting as my new "skill"...would like to play around with metal more too.

I received your beautiful beads the other day...even more wonderful in person! Thank you for the favorite is the white one with the gold flecks!