Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Minding the Business: KISS!

Ok, I try to organize and write lists but my lists are soooooo long, it's overwhelming. I give up.

My New Year's resolution is to KISS - you know- "Keep It Simple Stupid!" (Ouch! I'm sounding a bit down on myself. Maybe I should re-read Ang's terrific post on thinking positively?)

Wait, I can't take any time right now to pump up a sagging ego, I've got a business to run and I need to focus (and maybe a brush to take care of that hair!)

My New Year's goal is to KISS as much as possible. So a few days ago when I was using the internet as a way to avoid getting down to KISS, I found Beth Hemmila's post on Planning Ahead a stripped down, not too complicated way to plan my beadmaking calendar.

Hey, maybe even *I* can do that!

KISS, Cindy, KISS!


mairedodd said...

i am a huge fan of the *kiss* principle... good luck with the planning!

Azure Accessories said...

Great word...I think I should use it more often...
In your photo you look how I feel sometimes...:0)

purplecat said...

thanks for the follow :0

Kell said...

I definitely need to make a calendar. This year will be the first time I try to sell my jewelry, and I need to make sure I have the proper jewelry created at the correct time, and that I start marketing it at the right time (early enough for people to order it before the holiday/season). Thanks for the great post and great links!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I know what you mean. Completely know what you mean.In the face of insane and inane obstacles which normally overwhelm me, I have vowed to be happy. It is kind of the same thing you just wrote about and so I made up this easy to remember acronym just for you: TTBHS.Try to be happy, stupid! It is pronounced "teh teh beh heh, stupid".
I am trying my best to adhere to it in 2011!
kiss, Cindy! xox jean