Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's Around You....Inspiration in a around the neighborhood

Inspiration is right in front of you sometimes - yesterday morning, I opened my front door to let me cat smell the spring air and I was greeted with a flood of pink, yellow and blue. I ran for the camera.

Yes, I live in the suburbs but if you're paying attention, you can catch a moment of spectacular beauty that's only supposed to happen elsewhere.

So, you say, does that mean I have to get up obnoxiously early to see anything beautiful in my neck of the woods?

No, I say. You can look in other places that have regular hours.

Like the Albright-Knox Art Museum near my home.

The Albright Knox is full of Modern and Contemporary Art - walking through take you on a tour of Contemporary art - full of color, inspiration while thought provoking. I go a couple times a year to take in the art and challenge myself to look at it in a new way.

What local places inspire you?


Katie said...

Inspiration in the real world...I am often inspired by color combinations I see when I am out and about...Nothing in particular, but if I see a great color combo, I try to remember it for future reference...

And, before I started making jewelry items, I never wore a lot of jewelry or paid a lot of attention to it...But, I now find myself walking up to people and asking them if I can take a look at their jewelry - I see interesting ideas and pieces everywhere now (and I never paid attention to them in the past)...

Shai Williams said...

I am often inspired when I open my front door. I love to see what the trees and flowers are doing. I also enjoy going to the Tacoma Museum of Glass