Monday, November 02, 2009

Dropped the Double Dip ball and then picked it back up!

Sometimes I get on a creative roll and create findings to go along with the beads I make. Last year, I rolled out "Double Dips" - 18 gauge copper wire with a glass headpin at each end. I "dipped" each end of the wire in molten glass and made a bead at each end. You could cut them in two and make charms, use as a headpin for that special bead or whatever your imagination led you. I sent them into Wire Jewelry and they appeared in the new products section.

And then nothin'.

Yep, Ladies and Gentlemen, I let the proverbial ball drop. I didn't promote them, I didn't make anything with them, I didn't send them out to designers or even keep them up on my website!

Neglected, these periwinkle Double Dips stayed in my bead storage. What a sorry circumstance for these cute little guys that remind me of balloons!

I've been re-thinking the Double Dips and have re-worked them. Since I love the balloon look of the periwinkle double dips, I've made new ones with a teardrop shape. I've used color combinations that match the Ivory Bling and Frost links so you can mix and match as you please.

This week is dedicated to the Double Dip - I'll show what I've created with them to get your creative wheels turning. In the meantime, what would you make with a Double Dip?


Round Rabbit said...

I LOVE these!!!

Barbara Lewis said...

These are great! I make some in enamel and love the way you can twist them around in different spots on your jewelry. I use them a lot where you might have a blank space in your design ... like at a crimp bead ... or something like that.

Lacey said...

They kind of remind me of lilac blooms, so I'd probably use several of them and make a brooch or pendant in a lilac bloom sort of shape and color.

rosebud101 said...

I'm not sure what I'd make, but I might add them to a mobile. I think that would be fun!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks Nancy, Barbara, Lacey and Mallory!

I like the teardrop shape of these double dips, they'd be cute just cut and wire wrapped into charms. But I've got lots of ideas and won't neglect them this time!

Double dippedly yours,