Tuesday, November 03, 2009

More Is Less

I always have several projects in progress on my workbench. Projects can go half finished for months as I decide exactly how I want to put a piece together. Today, I wanted to show how I used the happy little balloon like Double Dips.

Poor Double Dips, they were created last year and then I did nothing with them. I guess that's a project half finished, huh? Well, I combined a half finished project with a half finished project. I had cut and stamped a couple of pieces of copper with the phrase "More is Less" - a play on the phrase "Less is More." Wasn't sure at the time where I was going but now with the new "Live a Slow Life" series, it fits right in.

More can make us miserable, it can make our life less than what it is. So I combined the happiness of the balloon like Double Dips with the reminder that having more isn't the answer to happiness. Being present in our life right now and enjoying it is what will bring us happiness.

More IS less, don't you think?


Emi said...

I definitely agree.
And I love the little double dips, they are really sweet!

rosebud101 said...

Love the earrings. More is less. They double dips look great on the earrings!