Friday, April 30, 2010

The To Do List and The House of Blue Bird and Blue Leaves

Thank you to those who have voted in the poll! I've put together a few sets of Glass Birdhouses, the first is The House of Blue Bird and Blue Leaves.

I was a maniac last night thinking I could do a day's worth of work in a few evening hours. I took pictures for an upcoming Double Dip Jewelry project in a summer/fall issue of Wire Jewelry Artist, cook dinner, take pictures of the new batch of Glass Birdhouses, upload all the pictures, edit them and mulch the flower beds in my yard! I got the flower beds done with alot of help, dinner cooked with no help, the Wire Jewelry pictures taken with The Teen's help and edited the glass birdhouse pictures.

I then realized I'd missed most of 30 Rock! But, thank goodness, I can watch it anytime on the NBC website!

Ok, y'all - I gotta run - I've got another to do list for today and it starts with work!


Maneki said...

What a pretty set! I really like the mix of a bird, birdhouse and leaves (in the same colours). Think it could be very inspirational getting a "whole kit" like this with components that seem to be made just to be used together.

Normally I prefer to pick and mix myself, but sometimes a set can be be fun to get. Sometimes it has things I hadn't thought of using together otherwise and when inspiration is low it can give me kick start.

Davinia said...

The set is so lovely. I adore the blue and the birdhouse is adorable.

Eve said...

What a cute little set. My brain's ticking over thinking of what I might do with such a set.

I love the transparent blue, great mix of colours.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thank you! I like to pick and choose myself too yet sometimes it's nice to have someone do the picking for you :-) I've heard from some customers that it can be hard to match colors so sets are nice because the colors are already coordinated.

Thanks for voting!

Unknown said...

They're adorable!
You are my new hero, photo editor to gardener!?! How awesomely productive!