Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's on my coffee table....errrr workbench

Just thought I'd take a quick snapshot of what's on my workbench. Actually, this is the coffee table in our family room. I take out a few things to do while I drink my coffee in the morning or watch a re-run of "Bones." I'm working on some copper blanks and how to pair them with the double dips (which have a new price). I bought the wooden dapping block from Ornamentea and the copper blanks from Metalliferous. I just got some Klimt beads from myABS pal, Heather - they pair with the copper perfectly. After I got the beads from Heather, I realized why I loved the color combo - it's the same as my living room! The deep browns, turquoise - just love it! I love the Garnet Kiss bead too!

I'm off to the studio today to make some glass links to pair with the whole she-bang!


Michelle said...

This looks like my end table (and the floor) around my comfy chair...just replace blanks and tools with trays of seed beads, needles thread. I do have a studio but no TV hookup to watch re-runs of Bones (I'm a fan too)!
Bead Happy!

Marie S said...

What a beautiful shot and loads of fun in those few inches.
Thank you so much for the pat on the back!
Thanks, I needed that!