Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Feed My Soul

I've read many craft bloggers profiles that say  the blogger has been crafting all his/her life? After reading so many, it feels uninspired, trite. Yet the trite is often true, afterall, that's how it becomes trite. My profile doesn't actually say that, but it's certainly true.

Every craft I read about, I want to do.

I have my hands in so many media that I overwhelm myself.  I think the T.S. Eliot quote fits:

If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?"

Let's face it, that's a quote you could use to describe alot of situations - yet it really refers to a style, a way of approaching things like I do.  Jump in with both feet and find out how deep it really is.

So I've gotten into whatever media to create and craft that I can. I love to work with my hands - even my "other job" uses my hands, sign language interpreting.

Am I growing in skills or flitting? Developing or losing interest? Jack of all trades (master of none) or Renaissance Woman?

Doesn't really matter, whichever it is, it feels my soul. I have to create, I have to make, I have to use my hands because they're all inexplicably connected to my spirit.


Unknown said...

I always tell people that making things/being creative is what feeds my soul, I'd fall apart if I can't be creative in some way. There are clearly a lot of us about like this.

Unknown said...

I can't remember a time when I DIDN'T make things. I always got new art supplies for Bday/Christmas plus 'kits'. Embroidery, woodburning,paint-by-#, etc. I made doll clothes w/ rubber bands & scraps & my Gramie taught me how to make paper beads, ( & Oh how I treasure the string I still have!). So yes, while everyone does seem to say it, I have been making/cradfting as long as I can think back. Cute bird house sets btw. I am in the midst of trying to let go of a goddess bead I got from you for the next bead soup, it is SO hard to let go!

Parudy said...

Cindy, your words so perfectly express how & why quite a few of us out there/here try many things. It's all about using your hands, creating something of your own, & the fire it lights in your soul. Sometimes I think I actually 'glow'. LOL

SummersStudio said...

So well said that creating is connected to your spirit. I find that too and that often it is hard to describe why, when, or how I do what I do. It's lovely to know that there are others like you who feel a calling to create for the sense of being it gives.

Allykat said...

Huh. I must be the exception then. I certainly haven't been crafting all my life. Mostly because my teachers thought I was awful at arts & crafts, and said so. I failed too many art assignments than I can remember. It made me avoid making anything with my hands for a good 15 years before I started dabbling in things like decoupage etc. I've only been beading and making jewellery for 2 years, and wish I'd started sooner. It's sooo therapeutic.