Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wednesday Wire: Happy HalloweenMas!

Ok Gang, last week I showed you one of my Skully Bowz beads and asked you what you think I'd make. Those who guessed a ring were right!

I'm in the middle of creating free projects for my fall newsletters - HalloweenMas! If you sign up for the Newsletter, you'll receive weekly free projects that combine Halloween, Day of the Dead and Christmas themes so you can make your gifts in advance and have a truly Handmade Holiday!

The sign up is along the right side of the blog. Happy HalloweenMas!


Lacey said...

Tried to sign up for your newsletter, but for some reason the "captcha" would never show up. All I saw in the "captcha" box was nothingness. Guess I'll try again later.

Stacie said...

Loved the Skully Bowz beads! I've linked to your post about HalloweenMas. Hope it brings you a few new followers. Best regards!