Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wednesday Wire: Breaking My Rule for a Friend

A co-worker wanted to give her partner a special gift and was on the internet at work looking for someone somewhere who could duplicate the bracelet her partner had given to her a few years ago. After searching for the artist, she was telling a group of us how she was frustrated in her search. I asked to see her bracelet. It was a heavy gauge entwined heart bracelet made of sterling silver. I told her I thought I could do it.

Usually, I won't deliberately try to copy someone else's design. But I decided to do it this once for a couple of reasons.

My friend had searched long and hard for the original artist to no avail. She was determined to have it copied so she could give a matching bracelet to her partner.

This would be a special order, one time only and I would not add it to the collection of wire jewelry I sold. As if I had made it for myself, one time personal use.

I would only earn back my costs (as it turned out, I lost money on it by quoting a price under what it actually cost me to make it). I made a prototype out of copper wire:

She presented it to her partner for Valentine's Day and she was thrilled. I'm glad I made it for them because it was so special. So to the artist who created it, thank you for designing a bracelet that meant so much my friend and her partner. I adore your design, but I won't be copying it again. Sometimes you break your rules for a friend.


Kim said...

what a lovely thing to do for your friend-I think I would have broken the rules just this once also.

Christine Hansen said...

Cindy, you done good. The prototype is lovely! If I had been the original designer, considering the circumstances, I would have been just fine with your breaking of the rules.

TesoriTrovati said...

I think that it is okay. You are very clear about the fact that based on due diligence you stepped in to fill a need. And to know that despite the fact that this is a really cool design, you will not be doing any more, that is true integrity. Thank you for your inspiration today, Cindy!
Enjoy the day!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks Kim, Chris and Erin! I'm just so pleased that I was able to copy it for them. I have to say it was many many prototypes before I got to this one and even then I had to re-make the sterling one several times - thus the reason I lost money on it.

I've taken apart the silver bracelets and re-annealed them. Only this one prototype exists and not for long!

Anonymous said...

I believe what you did was a noble act of kindness. I also believe that artist should be honored if others like their work so much that they want to use their idea, just so long as the originator of the work gets the credit and that the person who is duplicating the work does not profit from it. For example: my daughter is an artist she replicated a picasso work of art, but she replicated it in the form of a tatoo that she had done on her own arm. It honors Picasso's work with her own spin.