Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Wire: Pounding Metal

I know you've probably all seen Lisa Niven Kelly's book, Stamped Metal Jewelry but I always like to wait until after the flood on initial reviews before I review a book. I like to try out the techniques and let the information roll around in my head for awhile wondering if I can say something different than what's already been said. If I think I have something to add to the conversation, then I review the book.

I like this book ALOT!

Ok, so that's not original but it's worth saying even if all the other reviewers have said it. It tells you, the prospective buyer that the majority of people really love the book. Then it's worth picking up and it is.

The book opens with a list of the tools necessary.  Even though I have a workbench full of tools, I find there's always a key tool I don't seem to have.  Cutting and Sawing comes next and is packed with indispensible information on saw blade sizes and how to saw.

I skimmed the sections on hole punching (I love the Euro Power Punch, nice clean holes) and dapping because I do both tasks regularly. Someone unfamilar with either will find easy to understand, comprehensive directions. I skipped the next few pages on riveting (I have Susan Lenart Kazmer's/Interweave's DVD on riveting), Oxidizing,  Annealing and went straight to "Start Stamping" on pages 36 and 37.

Who can blame me for skipping forward to the stamping section? Afterall I bought a book entitled Stamped Metal Jewelry, so obviously I wanted to pound metal!

Pages 36 -37 are chock full of the information and tips you need to personalize your jewelry with stamping. There are tips throughout the book along with idea starters like the list of words on page 42. My favorite projects are the Stamped and Stacked Ring on page 68, The Crown Jewel on page 92 and the Bold Stamped & Riveted Beads on page 102.

Time to get back to my's a little glimpse at what I'm working on. You'll see more of it in the couple of weeks.

In the meantime, if you don't already have Lisa's book, put it on your Holiday gift list!

(Thank you to Interweave for the use of the photo.)


Pepita said...

It is a wonderful book from a wonderful teacher. Keep in mind though that the dvd is not viewable in the Netherlands, so possibly also not in other European countries.

Elizabeth said...

I've been pounding copper wire lately and love the experience. Nice place for all my aggressive energy.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks for commenting Pepita! Thanks for the mention about the DVD. I haven't even looked at that part of the book yet so my review is based on the printed portion.

Elizabeth - isn't pounding metal cathartic? Nothing like a good set of hammers and some metal to help you work out your stress in a very productive way!