Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tangle: Wire Technique

G'morning, Readers!  This week's Tuesday Tangle finds me working on basic wire weaving technique. If you're not already an accomplished wire weaver and want to join me, click on over to "Basic Weaving Techniques" on jewelrylessons.com and don't forget to download "Basic Weaving Techniques 2, Adding New Wire" The tutorials are by Donna Spadafore of Gailavera Jewelry. 

Photo Courtesy of Gailavera on jewelrylessons.com

Get out your practice wire and share with me what you're working on in wire this week!


KellieBellieVaughan said...

Wire weaving! Thats awesome cant wait to try this out!

Jewelry armoire uses said...

That's really a pretty good share to help us practice with those wire technique.Awesome tutorials for better learning.