Monday, July 11, 2011

Studio Saturday lingers into Monday....Stamped Copper Saucers for Giveaway

This past Saturday, I was over on Art Bead Scene for Studio Saturday. If you were over there, you know I was busy stamping onto some brass and copper sheet metal I had won in the Rings n Things Blogger drawing.

I stamped a few months back and seemed to catch on quickly. I even wrote a Stamped Bead Bravely Art Ornament tutorial for the holidays. I was confident I could create with any stamps. So I ordered smaller sized script style stamps so I could stamp longer quotes. What I didn't realize was when you switch stamps it's like starting all over again!

I have Lisa Niven Kelly's book out and was going for a variation on the stamped ladder bracelet - making a ladder pendant with a quote from the Buddha, "the way is in the heart." 

I measured.

I counted letters.

I measured and counted meticulously.

Everytime I'd put the script style stamp down in the measured area, it was either too far or too close or too high or too low. They weren't behaving like the larger boxy type style.


I made 8 scrap pieces to every 1 that came out half way decent.  I say half way because take a look at the finished products....

They didn't turn out the way I envisioned through no fault of the materials. I ran out of the brass sheet trying to create what I had in my head.  After the brass, I switched to copper round blanks without any quotes. These came out much better although the photo is a bit blurred - my Canon is on the fritz and I had to take these pictures with my iPhone!

I used my Euro Power Punch to make a hole in the 3/4'' inch 24 gauge copper blank.  Then I stamped the flower on and used my center punch for the pollen. The rounds were then dapped to a slight saucer shape. I aged them using liver of sulfer and polished using baking soda.

That, my friends is how I finally finished the project I started last Saturday! I'll give away a set of two of the stamped copper saucers to the winner of the July 9th Studio Saturday. If you haven't made a comment, be sure to go on over and tell me about how projects move through your studio!


Cheryl K Roe said...

Polished with Baking Soda, that is an new and interesting idea to me.

angelinabeadalina said...

The quote on the brass blanks is very nice. By the way, since I'm not comparing them to "what I meant them to look like," I think they look terrific!

Therese's Treasures said...

I don't know Cindy, maybe it's just me but I like the wankyness (is that a word?) of letters in the saying. I really like the rectangle pendant. The copper disk pendants are really cute.

somethingunique said...

Hi Cindy,
i think that not so perfect adds charachter to hand stamping but i know what you mean. I purchased a fine point marker and print out the design on the blank i find that helps alot and if i am trying to do a straight line i made myself a thick card and i acctually tape it to the bench block holding the blank in place then when you are ready to stamp hold the stamp flush against the card all the way along and you will get a perfect line. I always practice on my copper sheets too especially if i am stamping on sterling, hope i helped
take care ttfn Lana ps i have the book to and love it too!