Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Tangle-Tech: Interweave's Live Wire eMag

Ok, I'm a tech-gadget geek. Statistics say I'm not supposed to be a gadget geek, but since when have I been a statistic?

So when I saw that Interweave was publishing Live Wire, I had to download it as soon as it was available.

I've got everything Mac, so I chose to download the Mac version. First of all, let me say kudos to Interweave for being quick to offer digital versions of their magazines so quickly. Not just beading magazines but their knit and crochet magazines along with many others. Kudos for not buying into the statistics that say my demographic isn't tech savvy, I think there are alot of us out there.

Now, onto Live Wire. I downloaded the eMag without any trouble from the website. It ran on my 2007 iMac without any trouble. Live Wire is beautifully laid out and has many within eMag videos to show you how to do the basics of wire wrapping. If you're not always good with following written directions like me, the videos are fabulous. You can see how to hold the pliers and which direction to wrap your wire. I like digital versions like Live Wire because with a click you can jump around to the areas that pique your interest rather than flipping pages to find what you want.

Live Wire is for beginning wire artists. It takes you through step by step with choosing wire, straightening wire, making eye pins, labeling and explaining pliers and more. There's also a nice section on patinas. If you're a beginner and a tech geek, you're gonna love this! If you're an intermediate to advanced wire artist and gadget geek, I'd go with the digital versions of Step by Step Wire or if you love mixed media with your wire Cloth Paper Scissors. Since Interweave is digital, there's lots for beginners, intermediate and advanced wire artists to enjoy! Keep it up, Interweave, I love your tech-savvy-ness!

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Cindy said...

I'm with you, Cindy! I thought this interactive eMag by Interweave was so very clever. It was fun to scroll through....Everyday Bracelets was great as well!