Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012's Mantra: Do and Follow Through

I've got a mantra for this year in the spirit of KISS (keep it simple, stupid!): 

do and follow through
My two weakest areas - stop talking and DO and make sure I FOLLOW THROUGH. I might get to the doing but then I don't always follow through. 

I've got an idea to help myself. I don't like to write to do lists because if I do, there are 35 items on it. I find 35 items overwhelming and then I move into procrastination or "what's the use" mode. So, I'm going to limit ANY list to only 3 items.

Yes, I said three - 3 items.

Hopefully that will help.


So here is item number one:

Post book reviews for next week or so. I like to actually try the projects in each book I review so you get an honest feel for what the book offers. I've held off on the Jewelry for the New Romantic because I don't have many of the beads called for in the projects. I used to use beading wire quite a bit when I first started beading back in 1997 but moved away from it. This is a good reason to re-familiarize myself with what beading wire has to offer.

I've ordered resin clay and am waiting for it to arrive. I made the rounds of the craft stores to see if anyone carried it and was out of luck.  There are lots of exciting projects in The Art of Resin Clay I can't wait to try out.

Do you have a word to inspire you onward for 2012?


Jen Judd said...

Girl! I had a boss one time call me "unreliable." That was some life-changing feedback! I'm still not perfect, but I'm with you on the follow-through...it's hard!! I keep my to-do lists on notecards. That keeps them short and I can just pop it in my pocket or purse when I'm out and about and maybe, just maybe, I'll knock something out.
My word for 2012 is "involved." Because my last year's lists included learning a lot and meeting like-minded people and I never did! I spent too much time at home and strapped to this crazy computer! haaaaaaaaaaa I'm starting out with a photography club meeting tonight!

Alice said...

What a great Mantra for the year! I've tried lists, resolutions, and even words for the year, but by the end of February these seem to slip away.

These look like wonderful books to have on the shelf!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Jen - wow what a wake up call, huh? I really like your word for this year "involved." I shared your comment on my fb page cuz I thought it was sooo worth sharing! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cindy-Gimbrone-Beads/163437517000002

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks for commenting Alice. I agree that it's so easy for a resolution to slip away. Reading a blog post yesterday about resolutions and how they should be about doing more of something you love. How about that? Pick something you love but don't do enough of.

Bead on!

TesoriTrovati said...

Ha! I love that your lists will only have 3 things instead of 30. Does that mean that you will have 30 lists with 3 things each? Because I know that I would use that loophole to make more lists! Ha! I do have a word: EXPLORE. I am trying my best to explore new horizons, new opportunities, new techniques, new materials. I have been blown off course a time or two already. Time to FOCUS (last years' word) and get busy!
Enjoy the day!

Catherine Sorensen said...

Hi, Cindy! I just stopped to see what you've been upto.
The books look like lots of fun, I'm waiting to get my hands on them {through the library since Borders closed and the other bookstore is a ways away...I have to absolutely love a book before I buy it...}
I don't do the word for the year thing, but I do have goals...which step by step I'm working through. Progress!