Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Flow Magazine, "Thoughtful" and new work....

Got my proofs today for the special women's section of The Flow magazine. I hadn't heard from the editor for so long that I thought I wasn't going to make it into the women's issue. Seems that there was such an overwhelming response that things have just taken a lot longer. They have included one of the painted beads focal - Thoughtful in Red. It is one of only two that I made and is the only one with a red background. I sold it a couple of years ago to a private collector. I made a second one with an aqua background that I sold just recently at the Urban Glass Show in NYC. Thoughtful is part of the Every Woman series of painted beads - I'd like every woman to see themselves in one of the beads - so I make a wide variety of faces to reflect the wide variety of women.
I've posted pictures of the new off mandrel work I've created in the past few weeks. I'm experimenting with texture in the off mandrel pieces. The one above is a floating eye - the eye is such a powerful symbol and the basis of understanding American Sign Language (remember I'm a free lance sign language interpreter in my other life!). Not sure how I'm feeling about leaving the ridges in the piece, though. In person, it feels like texture but in a photo, I'm not sure it looks that way. Any comments?

The disks were made to be sewn onto a felted wool bag I made - just a different way to use and show off the beads!.

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