Monday, June 12, 2006

Glass Disks and To Bead and Button or not?......

I've got a couple of things I'm thinking about today, the eye candy for the day, the glass disks and the 2007 Bead and Button show.... first the eye candy!
I've been working more and more off hand or "off mandrel", today's eye candy is just that - glass disks inspired by Kandinsky's color study done in circles - but all done without a bead hole. I like this kind of glass art but I can't tell you more than that about why I am moving in that direction. It's an intuitive process for me so I can't verbalize it or explain it very well yet but I like creating things that aren't beads. I still like the beads but I want the glass that I create to stand on it's own and not necessarily be a part of a finished composition. I want it to be THE composition.
On to the next topic....the 2007 Bead and Button show....The Bead and Button Show is the most well known venue for selling beads. I haven't ever tried to go in an capacity, as a buyer or as a seller or as an instructor. I played with the idea last year but missed the deadline to submit. My bad. So, right now, I am shooting to submit for 2007 as an instructor and as a vendor. As an instructor, they suggest that you submit proposals for 6 classes or 4 workshops! That's alot of classes and workshops! Not sure what that means other than I have to get busy and develop more proposals! I have 3 but better work on more!

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