Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Who is Lampwork Diva and why is she a Diva?

I probably should have explained "Lampwork Diva" in the very beginning when I started the blog but I didn't. The longer I have the blog, the more I realize I should explain "the Diva."

The lampwork part of the Diva, comes from the art/craft I have chosen, flameworked glass. The word "lampwork" is a traditional term used to describe the torches or "lamps" that the ancient and traditional flameworkers used - therefore the word "lampwork."

The Diva comes from wanting to create an online persona that would jump out of the computer at you - a woman, full of confidence and able to create beautiful flameworked glass. She's loosely based on my paternal grandmother and my father's sister. My grandmother, according to my parents, was a full fledged DIVA - she only wanted the BEST of everything. My father's sister was a bootlegger in the 1930's. She loved risk and could hold her own with the men. She was a DAME.

My own personality is a little quieter than either of the women in my father's family. But I do admire the confidence that they both carried - a little like Matahari in the picture I posted today. The confidence these women exude is the confidence that I have in my flameworked glass. I express that confidence through Lampwork Diva - she loves glass and she's confident that you will appreciate her art.

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