Monday, July 10, 2006

Lampworkers, flameworkers Blogs are Boring???

July 10, 2006....Yesterday I watched a news piece on bloggers. Apparently to be popular in the "blogosphere" or should I say to have anyone even READ your blog, you have to be opininated, snarky, nasty and gossipy! Hmmmm, I guess you could call me "Pollyanna" at best (does anyone even know who Pollyanna is anymore?) ...anyways, nasty and snarky is not what my blog is usually about. In fact, it's not usually what any of the lampworkers, flameworkers I know are about in their blogs! If you want people to read your blog, you're not supposed to talk about your kids, kitties or dogs!

I wonder if glass is included in the boring category? Hmmmm.....Ok, I know that not everyone finds glass interesting and not everyone interested in glass will find all of the technical details interesting. Sometimes, even those of us who love the artsy and the technical parts of glass can be bored with some of the flameworkers blog posts! Take a look at Halefire's Saturday, June 3, 2006 update: HalefireGlass Update

Halefire, I LOVE your glass but a post and picture of your AC is just crossing the line! (Insert snoring here)

This is said all in fun...and in the interest of improving our collective blogs! Afterall, if we're boring then no one will read our blogs and then how do we get the word of our work out? I'm thinking maybe I should give out a Lampworkers/Flameworkers Snoozer award? I don't think I can be completely opinionated and snarky but maybe just slightly opinionated and snarky to be interesting.


Miachelle said...

Snarky blogs are like petty school fights-people will watch them for the fun of it. Blogs like yours and mine are read because people want to know something. And that's ok. I admit, on occasion you might find a tinge of snarkiness in one of my entries (like today's). Not often though.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

What you say is true - maybe we are the "Oprah Show" of the glass and jewelry world?