Saturday, July 08, 2006


Ok, so I've been considering doing a podcast since there's nothing really out there for lampworkers. There's GlassTalk radio but I've never been able to listen to it on my Mac. Anyways, I've been listening to some of the casts, Podcast Pickle, CastOn (knitting), CraftyChica, Crochet...some of them are more entertaining than others but am I the only one whose eyes are glazing over after about 10 minutes? The casts feel very long even though they aren't (20-30 minutes). Easy for me to criticize, I havent' done one yet! So props to those who are but one piece of advice. Keep it short - don't feel like you have to do 30 minutes if you've only enough script for 15.

On to the picture for today....a newly made set of earrings. Mango orange is my color for the summer! It's in the flameworked disks, beads and in these earrings. When I go to the yarn shop, I'm heading straight for the orange bins of yarn. Don't ask me why, it is what it is!

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