Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sample projects and Applications.....

I've created a variation on the Lucky Knots and Lampwork necklace - a bracelet that has a button clasp using a disk bead. I've been fooling around with this for awhile to figure out exactly how to knot so that the disk bead lies nicely on the wrist. This is the sample that was sent to B&B yesterday. I like it alot!

I'll be working on another application today - getting pictures prepared to send in. Then on to another one that will be due by the 31st. I have to remember to send in my application and table fee for Urban Glass before August 1. Lots to do!

I don't tend to talk about my applications - I don't like to "jinx" it. But if I put it out there, then it forces me to do it. My perfectionism in my work makes me second guess myself -seeing flaws in the work that only I see but making me feel that the work is imperfect so therefore I should not submit it. The work is perfectly acceptable! So, talking about it to others prods me over that perfectionism hump that can get in my way.


Miachelle said...

Don't stress over your submissions. Your stuff is great. I submit on occasion to B&B and BeadStyle, and I'd say I've been successful 25% of the time. It's hard to say what they are looking for. Sometimes it's the simplest of projects that they like.

I finally posted a pic of a new piece. I haven't done that yet on this blog...thought it was time I did so my few readers knew I actually did make jewelry! :-)

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks for the words of support! The number of applications or submissions must be very high if your acceptance rate is very low. We are like actors - lots of rejection even though we're all talented!