Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Budding creativity in the suburbs!

Maybe I mentioned it before but if I didn't, my house is the hang-out spot for my son and his friends. Every Friday night, I have a house full of teens, 6 to 10 of them to be specific. They're not the popular kids, nor the academic nerds (like I was), they're mostly artist, DIY types but they don't know it yet. I'm impressed by their Threadbanger style altered fashion, they're eye for photography and art. So, my house is full of very youthful creativity that can't help but permeate my creative sensibility - even though according to them, I'm "old." But today's post isn't about me, I want to talk about these talented young people who inspire me without even knowing it.

One of these budding artists has been friends with my teen since they were 7. They used to spend hours and hours drawing Anime and writing their own Manga. My son uses that influence in his photography by creating digital collages:

his friend, Robin has continued to draw. They share a love of all things Anime and were inseparable during the AnimeNorth convention.

Sidewalk art is cool and there's always a huge box of chunky sidewalk chalk in my garage. They know it's there and help themselves to creating on my suburban driveway. The neighbors don't like it but who cares? Why stifle creativity?

Today, I'm showcasing Robin's sidewalk chalk art. If you're a Pokemon fan, you're recognize some of the characters, Pikachu and a Snorlax.

I love love love having public art in the neighborhood - I was really sad to see the rain come but how Buddhist is that? Everything is temporary, enjoy it while you can. Fortunately, my teen took pictures and we all can enjoy them even though they've been washed away.

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