Friday, June 27, 2008

A Digression..Celebrate Summer with Wizard Rock!

Every year in June, we celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer with a party. "The boy" has become "the teen" who is is a budding photographer, musician and lover of books - with a streak of thinking outside of the box (gee, who'd he get THAT come?!?) If we hear of a banned book, banned from the reading list or library, I make sure we read it. That's how we started with the Harry Potter series. The school district we live in was pressured to ban it. I bought Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to see what the bruhaha was about - and read it aloud to "the boy" who was 7 at the time. We were hooked. So it's no surprise to me as a teen he's found a group of like minded creative types who love HP just as much. Even better, they all love music too!

Last night, the celebrate summer party included two Wizard Rock bands - the Butterbeer Experience and The Chocolate Frogs. Even if you're not into the Harry Potter books, the music the bands play is original and enjoyable.

Lena, the Butterbeer Experience has an amazing voice and her songs are clever, funny and catchy. Lena downplays her talent but she shouldn't- she has a powerful and lush voice that sweeps you away. Wow!

The Chocolate Frogs have a "Connor Oberst Sound" and a quick sense of humor - pay attention or you'll miss the wit. They write awesome music that gets you tapping your toes and each time you see them, they've added another instrument! They're impressive musicians and song writers.

The Wizard Rock bands don't take any money for playing at an event - yep that's what I said - they don't take any money for playing. The only way they can fund their tours is through the sale of their CD's and merchandise. So, if you ever go to a Wizard Rock concert - please buy their CD's!

Here's Lena singing an "Ode to Everyone Who Died in the 7th Book" - if you haven't read it, don't click on the play button!

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