Monday, June 02, 2008

Make it Pretty! DIY Packaging

Yep, I was quiet last week - a convention always wears me out that way. Spending the whole day walking around concrete floors and bombarded with everything Anime, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy, I need the week to recuperate from all the over stimulation! I relaxed by doing something creative....

Bead Packaging.

Bead Packaging?! How can THAT be relaxing?!

It's relaxing when you stamp, cut, and embellish!

As an small business owner, I look for the least expensive options in packaging to keep my costs low, it keeps the buyer's cost low. But low cost = boring! Brown paper envelopes, small plastic resealable bags, etc.


This is when I get out my stamps, ribbon, heart shaped paper punch and ink. I happily lay out groups of 12 plastic bags and stamp away, stamping thank you's and happy phrases for each customer. I add a little ribbon and VOILA!

A perfect bead package unique to each customer - and I DIY'd it!

What do you DIY?

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