Thursday, August 21, 2008

WireHead Gets Color

Want some color in the wire you're using? I love Artistic Wire . It comes in lovely colors and above are two examples (photos taken from the Artistic Wire website) of the silver plated copper wire. I love the peacock blue and used it in The Red Art Flower Necklace. The light blue was a nice pop of color around the painted fused glass pendant.

Artistic Wire comes in a large range of gauges for any project you can imagine and reasonably priced too. Even better, there are jewelry design ideas on the website.

You'll need to order Artistic Wire through a distributor. I order from The Soft Flex Company


Deb said...

Now I do like that Peacock Blue - it's yummy! Looks great with the fused glass pendant too.
Of course any further spending from this chick is going to be blamed on your enabling ways.LOL!

Amanda said...

Oh lordy, now I have a justifiable reason to buy some of those beautiful colorful niobium wires.... because now I can match colors.

Ohhhh man.
Cindy, why you gotta go an' make me wanna buy things? :P

Is it just me, or is that wire very affordable, also? I haven't really found a site selling copper wire thus far, so it's obviously cheaper than silver and gold wire. It just seems like a good deal.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Deb,

The Peacock blue is a lovely color. I try not to enable anyone but how can I resist with colors like that? I think the cost isn't bad, around $5.75 US for 25 feet. Cheaper than glass! LOL!


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Amanda,

Yes, the wire is affordable. I like the silver plated copper colored wire, the colors are brighter but at abt $6 for 25 feet, it's affordable. Go to the hardware store for copper wire, it's cheap there - I think it's around $17.00/lb. Yes, I said a lb!

Have fun bendin' :-)


Unknown said...

What a cute design! Thanks for linking to us! :)