Friday, September 12, 2008


Did you look at something mundane in a new way? Comments say some of you did. Here's an art shot of a vinyl record - yes they're back - YAY. Taken by who else but The Teen.

Cool, huh? I'm proud he's finding amazing ways to express who he is. I'm one lucky parent!

What outlets do your kids have to express who they are?


angelinabeadalina said...

I love The Teen's sense of composition. Extraordinary pictures of ordinary objects, Kiddo!

Amanda said...

The Teen's photos are QUITE interesting - he's got definite skill. I like going through his Flickr album. I'm jealous of his new fisheye lens, too... can you be my mom for a day, so I can borrow it? ;)

I don't have children yet, and don't plan on it for a while. I hope my children are artistic and creative. I want them reading books, scribbling with crayons, and speaking bilingually by 3. Perhaps my hopes are unrealistic.

If my mother was answering this question, she'd probably say my biggest outlet is my hair. (Because of how many colors I've dyed it since I was about 13.)
And my writing and art...
But she'd definitely say I expressed it through my hair, first. That doesn't make me a delinquent, does it?

Deborah Lambson said...

Vinyls are back!? thats very cool :) such a great shot...he's got the eye!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Angela. He's had that sense of composition since he was small. I would re-arrange the furniture and he would tell me it would look better if I arranged it such and such a way. The little squirt was right! He was 3! To this day, he can't believe I listened to him - but why not? He had a great sense of composition! LOL!

Unknown said...

Hi Amanda,

LOL! I'm not sure I could pry the fisheye out of his hands to loan it to you!

Dyeing your hair doesn't make you a deliquent! If makes you beautiful :-)

Colorfully yours,

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sweetwater - yes I do think he has a good eye :-)