Thursday, October 09, 2008

Looking for Unusual Design?

There are those of us who design with the glass beads we make so we're always on the look out for new design books as a resource. Stephanie Sersich is a glass beadmaker and jewelry designer so how could she write a book I wouldn't want?

Stephanie has a signature style full of color and fun. She describes her inspiration on her website:

"My own combination of experiences helps to shape my work. My experience of color is from handling textiles, studying art history and from spending time in my mother's garden. My excitement about texture comes from admiring the lush world on the bottom of the ocean, combining clothes and materials and again, exploring the wonders of flowers and the entire plant kingdom."

I've had the pleasure of taking the Spiny Knotted Bracelet class with Stephanie at Beadfest a few years ago. She's very "hands on" and is able to coach students through even the most difficult instructions. Once you learn the technique, each bracelet or necklace using the technique is unique, that's the beauty of the technique.

There are a number of other techniques in the book and profiles of various beadmakers. In the present economy, money can be tight so everyone wants to spend their money wisely. Investing in Designing Jewelry with Glass Beads will be money well spend.

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rosebud101 said...

Cindy, I have that book! It is absolutely awesome! I hope that more people are able to enjoy it. There are so many innovative ideas in it!