Monday, October 06, 2008

Some beads just need to be revived.....

The Glyph Series beads were made during fall 2006 - winter 2007. Sometimes I stop making beads just because I get interested in something else. Looking at this bead, I wonder why. This is a great bead - except it's stuck to the mandrel. I've tried everything to get it off.

Soaking it.

Using denture cleaner to fizz it off.

Even...Freezing it.

Yep, freezing it. It works sometimes because it shrinks the metal mandrel just slightly so you can pull off the bead.

Nothing is worked but I couldn't throw it out.

It reminds me, "remember? You liked this style of bead, make me again!"

Ok, ok, ok, so it isn't really talking to me, but it's definitely a bead that needs to be revived.

Have you made a bead, sculpture or piece of jewelry that you think needs to be revived? Share with me something that you've revived!


Deb said...

That's gorgeous Cindy. A beautiful shape & wonderful simple design - it has a great tribal feel to it.

Can I quietly say - "make more...please" :o)

I just want to see where you take it!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Deb,

You love tribal art if I remember correctly. If I'm right, then the glyph series is right up your alley! :-) I really really really love this bead and was heartbroken when it wouldn't come off the mandrel. I'll make more, definitely! I'm glad you like it.

thanks for commenting!

rosebud101 said...

Cindy, I've made some beads that are stuck forever on mandrels, and a couple that I would like to make again. My favorite one was made with shards and silver foil. It was beautiful, but I can only admire it on a mandrel. Dang it all!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

That's one cool bead - I wonder if I could 'help' you get it off the mandrel ... wonder what it would look like if it was etched to make it matte finish? just thinking tribally here, love that bead and hope it gets more members of its tribe soon!

Amanda said...

Do a lot of beads end up stuck to their mandrels?

I think this sort of bead looks fabulous! Have you ever seen "Howl's Moving Castle," the Hayao Miyazaki movie rendition? Those adorable little glyph-people look like the demon-stars that rain down from the heavens. And in particular, there is one scene where a character is surrounded by shadows that look exactly like a black version of the glyphs...

I just think that is cool as heck.

Connie said...

cindy have you tried soaking it overnite in vinegar?
your blog is great eye candy. i enjoyed my visit!