Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Beading on a Budget! Yes, Virginia, it really does only cost $10!!

I created "Meditation" for Art Bead Scene's $10 Tuesday. I must admit to being skeptical. I didn't really think I could make something nice for $10 or under. So I calculated the cost of all of the materials and it really does cost no more than $10 dollars to make! This definitely falls under my Beading On a Budget category.


1 handmade glass link

36 inches 2.8mm gunmetal curb chain
1 gunmetal lobster clasp, 7 x 12mm
8 gunmetal jumprings, 4, 5 or 6mm
5 anodized 18 gauge colored jump rings, 7.9mm, in complementary colors
Charms - I used 1 buddha head, 1 flower, 1 "be" charm, use whatever you have left over or you can use colorful beads or crystals.

Tools Needed:

Pliers, chainnose and needlenose
Cutters, to cut the chain


1. Cut two 16 inch lengths of the curb chain.
2. Attach one jump ring to each of one end of the curb chain. You'll end up with two pieces of chain with jump rings on one end of each chain.
3. Attach lobster clasp to one of the jump rings.
4. Choose one of the colored jump rings and attach the opposite ends of the chain (the ends without the clasp and jump ring.)
5. Choose another colored jump ring and attach the glass link and chain together.
6. Cut the remaining 4 inches of chain into 3 pieces, 1 piece 2 inches long, the other two pieces, 1 inch long.
7. Attach the gunmetal jump rings to one end of each of the pieces of chain.
8. Attach charms to the gunmetal jump rings.
9. Attach colored anodized jump rings to the charms and the glass link.

Voila! You've taken a few minutes to slow down and create a lovely necklace for you or for someone special - and for $10!

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