Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good Investments for Technique and Inspiration

I got good suggestions on copper foil yesterday from Lynn and Angie. Thanks, guys! (BTW, Angie, I too started in stained glass and couldn't cut glass very well so I decided I'd rather burn with hot glass than bleed with stained glass!)

I'm putting the twist tie on the roll as I write this (hmmm, how am I able to type and tie at the same time? wink!). I like the copper foil part, there's something meditative about burnishing it onto the glass and making sure that all the bubbles are out. But that's where my zen like state ends.

If I'm to be honest part of my problem is impatience.
Sally Jean Alexander's book Pretty Little Things has ruined me forever - I want to live in this book! N...O..W!

So I'm trying to solder round glass nuggets before I master the square and rectangular shapes.(Boy, do THEY look like crap - that is, the ones I'm able to actually solder!)

Damn that Sally Jean, why does she make it look so enticing and easy?!

If you need to back up a bit like me and slow down - buy Lisa Bluhm's Simple Soldered Jewelry and Accessories. It's THE book to teach you how to solder jewelry using stained glass technique.

Use Lisa's book in combination with Sally's and you'll have the perfect mix of how to and inspiration!


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I love that book 'Pretty Little Things' too - the stuff inside is just lovely and so fairy-tale looking. I'm afraid mine would be more of an Addams Family look, LOL!

By the way, Cindy, to tempt you even more, did you know that there's brass foil available now, just like copper foil only made with brass instead? Woo Hoo! the magic place is Delphi Glass - but hold onto your wallet, they have lots of other tempting things too!

angelinabeadalina said...

That's it, Cindy! That's my problem-- I want to do it NOW and have it look perfect first try, LOL. At least with melting glass, I feel like I can see my progress. With trying to cut glass, all I could see was mess after messier mess :)

I am enjoying watching your steps toward making pretty little things, and from all the things you've made so far, I have no doubt you will be showing us some wonderful soldered jewelry soon! You go,girl!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Lynn,

Brass foil??!!! I love it! Does it go silver when you tin it or can you put a brass patina on it?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Angela,

See another torchhead understands the lure of the flame and preferring to burn than bleed from all the lousy cuts I was making with stained glass. My cutting skills were so bad, I cut up a whole sheet of glass trying to get two small leaves!! Arggghhhh!!!

Give me the flame! and I have to be great at it NOW!! You're right, the glass beadmaking came easier or did I have patience? I tried ceramic beads but boy were they awful! Big clunky pieces of clay - not the poetic clay beads all my clay friends make. (Dang and they made it look sooooooo easy!!)

I'll have something soon, but only after I have a huge pile of rejects! LOL!