Friday, January 02, 2009

The Bead Vegan Shares a Favorite....

Occasionally, I write about vegan recipes. I write about it because if vegan food tastes good and is reasonably priced, then others will eat it too. So I share vegan food that I think others might like. Since getting Vegan Express, I've been trying out various recipes. Tofurky sausage is in one of the recipes. Being married to a husband of Italian descent, I crave an Italian sausage every now and then but haven't found any vegan substitute - until now. The Torfurky sausage has a meaty texture and high fiber content (8 grams). It's a little heavy on the black pepper that I need to lessen by slicing or chopping the "sausage" and adding tomatoes or extra vegetables to it. But all in all, it satisfies that craving and is very filling.

Here are a couple of recipes from online blogs using Tofurky sausage:

Vegan Chicks Rock - Breakfast

Veg Blog - Pasta and Sauce

Pasta with "Sausage" and Collard Greens

Grilled Beer Brats

Chipotle Chili



angelinabeadalina said...

Okay, I'm gonna have to click on those links! I enjoy looking at vegetarian and vegan recipes because it inspires me to choose healthier food. (I'm constantly falling off the eat-healthy wagon, so even one day's worth of inspiration helps this carnivorousjunkfoodjunkie.)

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hope you enjoy the recipes! I believe if it tastes good, then we'll all eat healthier - and boy does this taste good!

Deb said...

I've just clicked the Ang I need to eat healthier.
For the most part here we eat vegetarian, as the Mailleman has been one for years.

I, however, have a taste for the hot & spicey, very, very spicey & with the limited availability of premade vegetarian foods & suche here.... well sometimes I just can't help but go lead myself astray ;o)

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Deb,

Hope you liked the recipes. I love hot and spicy too. One way I've been discovering how to cook with spices like ginger and chilis is exploring vegetarian/vegan recipes - more flavor and I don't miss the meat. But I'm not here to convert anyone - just share recipes for some great food!