Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Uniquely Mine for $20

When frozen out of my unheated glass studio, I keep creating to keep the inspiration flowing for when the studio thaws out. Curious about cashmere, I bought a few skeins of Debbie Bliss 100% Cashmere yarn on sale at Webs. I wanted to create a one of a kind piece so I made my own crochet pattern.

Such lovely yarn deserved something special. So I hunted around until I found the perfect finishing touch - a lovely artist made button called A Button Succeeding from Mamacita Beadworks on Etsy.

There's no one with a scarf like mine - created with my own pattern and topped off with a lovely art button. The best part is that it cost me $20!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that scarf! Nice job.

Linda Augsburg said...

Sorry you're frozen out of the studio, doll. But what a great project to come out of it! I was just at CHA and got to pet so much beautiful fiber!! Made me want to make something, so now I'm living vicariously through your scarf.

barbe said...

gorgeous!!! and 20bucks is AMAZING! go you!