Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sitting on my workbench....

Last fall, I was on and saw these Navaho Red Square Beads made by artist Mary Harding. I fell in love with them and bought them the minute I saw them. I knew the "red" matched the "coral" colored glass I have stashed away. Coral isn't an easy color to match it Mary's beads were perfect.

So I made the coral colored glass bling links especially for Mary's beads. They look great together don't they?

I'm working on a design and they're laid out on my workbench. How to connect them - wire? chain? I'm not sure yet.

Any ideas?


Deb said...

Cindy - they are going to be just awesome together! They are fabulous - both your Bling Links & Mary's Navaho Red Beads.

For some reason the image that flashed through my head when you mentioned connecting them was wire :o)

What came into your head first?

angelinabeadalina said...

I agree with Deb-- both sets are fabulous, and they look great together. I think wire with some leather or hemp or something with a similar feel incorporated somewhere in the chunky design...big, chunky, grab-your-attention-baby, tribal-feel kinda jewelry.

rosebud101 said...

How about silk string mixed with wire ribbon? The sets are fabulous!

Mary Harding said...

I love these together. I too think great wire and chunky would
be great.