Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goody Rings-n-Things Bag - It's Volcanic!

This month's Rings-n-Things goody bag had various shapes and sizes of Lava Stone Beads.

From the Rings & Things Website:

"Stock#: 21-887-193
25% off prices shown!
Approx. 12mm round gemstone beads, 0.8-1.2mm hole. 30-36 beads per 16" strand. Brown Lava Stone
Color: Brown Lava Stone
Country: China
Page Number: Spring 2009 Supplement A19
California lead classification for this item: Class 1
Lava Stone: Earthy yet elegant, lava stone beads are made from basalt, a type of igneous rock formed during volcanic eruptions. Due to their many holes and bubbles, lava stone beads add great texture, but not a lot of weight, to jewelry designs. Lava stone is naturally rough in texture."

Hmmm what sort of designs would you use these light weight beads for? Do they inspire you to create something "hot?"


one-eared pig said...

Cool rocks!

I am going to my first Rings-n-things wholesale show this weekend, and I can't wait!

Deb said...

Oh yeah - Lava stone rocks. I love the stuff! It works particularly well with organic styles of beads.

A few lentil shaped pieces inspired a bracelet made with some early beads a wee while back.

I thought the design was 'hot' ;o)

Sophie said...

probably some flower agate? or maybe even some faceted hematite? i love working with lava beads. i know stones and findings have some great lava stones in different shapes and varieties! http://www.stonesandfindings.com/images/items/11/Lava-Other-Cube-Diamond-113118621010.jpg