Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Dyngus Day!

Were you woken up this morning by having water poured on your head? Do you have a pussy willow switch at the ready (like the handmade pomlázka decorated one above)?


Then you're not from Buffalo, New York where we have the largest Monday after Easter celebration, Dyngus Day!

Come watch a parade and see where the festivities are all listed on the Dyngus Day in Buffalo website where this photo of Auxiliary Bishop Edward M. Grosz, pastor of St. Stanislaus Church, blessing the second annual Dyngus Day Buffalo Parade came from.

It's spring in Buffalo! YAY!

Time to polka, y'all!!


SummersStudio said...

Oh how fun! I grew up with polka. My aunties are mean polka dancers!

angelinabeadalina said...

I like this Dyngus Day stuff-- looks like a lot of fun involved :) Hope you've had a terrific time today!

Unknown said...

does look like fun...

but that switch..
thats what my mom called it...
scares me a little..:):):)
mona & the girls

Ring by Ring Designs said...

Guess I did not live in Buffalo long enough to hear of Dyngus Day. (Less than a year) Sounds like fun.
I'm from Rochester and most recently, Hemlock. Nice to know someone who realizes there are part of NY State that are not 'Up state'.
We live near Boston now.
I like your blog!

Lisa Crone said...

What great fun! So glad I stopped over, but wish I could be there in real life! I LOVE polka!!