Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Movie Script and a Necklace....

Everywhere you go lately, you see the Twilight Series. I've written before about the contrasting color palette of red, white and black. But the Twilight series is more than red, white and black - it's imbued with a dark Victorian Gothic novel feel.

A few months back, I got 12 inches of the gunmetal hammered oval chain from Rings N Things as part of the Blog Partners program. I loved the look of the gunmetal yet wasn't quite sure how to put it all together. I had ribbons from months before that in red and black I adored and hadn't known exactly what I would do with them either.

In honor of my July anniversary, I made a heart and etched it. Delicate and soft, I finally realized what I wanted to do with the gunmetal hammered links.

I combined the dark color of the chain with a black/red satin ribbon, and three blood red Czech glass hearts. All are contrasted with the soft white frosted heart. It definitely has a darkly romantic dangerous feel to it.

It puts me in a Romance Writer mood. I've got a whole little movie for this necklace going on in my head. Here's the script so far:


"This is for you."

His breath was warm and moist on my neck as he moved close. Was this the time when he finally lost control? My eyes were closed, I was almost wishing for it to happen. I wasn't afraid anymore.

He tied the ribbon of the necklace and moved away.

"It's perfect."

I looked down at the necklace and then I don't remember what happened next.


Vampire - like Edward Cullen? Or restrained gentleman - like Mr. Darcy? Or murderer? We're not quite sure from reading this little snippet. There's definitely a vibe and it inspired the necklace.

But what to call it?

Has my script and pictures inspired you to think of a name? What comes to mind for you?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Dana Roth...I am at and I think a good name would be: Drained hopes-White heart.
Her heart was pumped full of blood, Red and Ripe as a plump summer cherry and he was near, her breathlessness of final acceptance, no, wanting...and impossibly, he steps away seemingly unaware and disinterested....
Noooooo! All her blood drains to her feet in disappointment,embarrassment and hurt. She begins to black out in a swoon... Yes, indeed, the white heart is perfect after all.


Silver Parrot said...

"In the Heart of the Night" Great necklace!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Love your script! You're too funny. I'm no help in the naming department but I'm digging the necklace.

rosebud101 said...

The Brightness of Night. How does that sound? BTW, that is an amazing piece of work!

Anonymous said...

Only one name fits........."forever". I absolutely love this. Is it for sale?

Jeannie said...

Awesome necklace. I like Ruby Twilight or Twilight Ruby

Lisa Crone said...

SO CREATIVE, I LOVE IT!! I feel very inspired!!

barbe said...


Sue Z said...

Clear heart or clearly love.
Very nice, by the way.
Susan Z

Maria said...

I LOVE the suggestion of "In the Heart of the Night"! And I LOVE the necklace!