Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Talkback about yesterday and oh yeah, hoarding

So, I find out there are others with a short attention span like myself. YAY! By that I mean we just love buttons and beads and can't seem to pass up any that are particularly charming.

Buttons make lovely clasps like Erin mentioned. I try to pry them from my hands to put them into jewelry but that means I'll never, ever have them again! That, my friends, is called hoarding! I'm a bit like Golum in Lord of the Rings holding onto to those beautiful buttons! I need to do something or I'll become an episode of "Intervention."

I think mold making is the answer. Afterall, if I make a mold of a one of a kind button, then I can make as many as I want, right? I don't have only one and I don't have worry about changing my mind, right?

So maybe all button hoarders need to learn how to make molds - just so we can let go. What do you think? Have I found a short cut to a 12 step for button hoarding?


EmandaJ said...

Hi Cindy, I had to laugh when I read about your hoarding tendancies. Be carefull it doesn't get too out of hand -- I'm in therapy for my OCD-hoarding. It's just too dang hard to let go of those pretties ("my precioussss"). Seriously now, I think mold-making is the answer.I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Emanda,

Thanks for commenting. Glad you're getting the support you deserve. I'm a sincere believer in counseling being good for all of us - I go to be sure everything is running at its best, physically and mentally.

So now I wish that the mold making could solve my stress! That would be fabulous - I'd make a mold for everyone!


sharon said...

I think mold making is a good alternative, but to me nothing is ever as good as the real deal....so....I just try to create something lovely with it, and hope by selling it or giving it away something else will come to me in return, and it always does!