Monday, October 12, 2009

No Secrets

Russ is in my studio this morning encouraging me to make some beads but I want to talk about something else first. There's a discussion going on with bloggers - I don't really get the details but essentially it's about truth in blogging. Meaning, if a jewelry supplies company offers me products that I can blog about, then I should be telling you.

I do.

I prominently display the Rings n Things Blog partners badge. I tell you when I've gotten a goody bag from R&T. That's considered payment by the way.

No secrets.

I buy from Rings n Things too. So, not everything R&T is part of the blog partners, some is bought and paid for from little ol' me. You'll know the difference because I'll tell you.

No secrets.

I'm not here talking up any product from R&T that I don't like. If I get something from them in a goody bag I can't use, I don't use it. If I like something and use it, then I tell you.



No secrets.

I like Rings n Things, it's why I'm a blog partner.

No kidding.


TesoriTrovati said...

I didn't realize there was a discussion of this type going on. I would concur with everything that you have written. I am a blog partner with Rings & Things and I prominently display that badge. I buy a lot of things from them, and I am always open about where I have received them and how. I have some things that I got that I haven't used yet, but as soon as I do, it will be duly noted. I am not sure why some would be secretive about something like this. I see others designers mentiong products they received from other companies and I am always intrigued by what they make, and a lot of time I will go and seek out that company. This is an interesting post, Cindy. I am just not sure to make of the "controversy."

Enjoy the day! Erin

Silver Parrot said...

Cindy - I'm an R&T blog partner as well and I do the same things you do. Display the banner and mention the blog partner program in each post. Sometimes I've even been known to be critical of R&T if I felt it was honest - such as the time I thought the crystals they sent me were basically pee-colored and the time I went to order and they were out-of-stock on everything I wanted. I think as long as we're all honest and open, we're fulfilling any requirements.

barbe said...

I think Rings and Things are great. I'm not a blog partner (got my fingers crossed!) but I do order from them alot.

They have a good variety of products at good prices, they ship quick, have good ship prices and are really nice people.

Go Rings and Things!!!

SummersStudio said...

I've never seen any problem with blog partnership as you do it with Rings & Things. All I see is complete openess on your part and I actually have quite enjoyed many of the ways you've put their products to use in inventive ways.

Dave Robertson said...

Thanks to Cindy, Erin, KJ and Barbe for discussing this. Bloggers need to be aware of the issues that come up, at least potentially, with the new FTC ruling about "disclosure". Rings & Things is fortunate that our blog partners are thinking about all this--it's kinda complicated but important--thank you!

:) Dave

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Cindy, I must have gotten on R&T's last nerve by commenting on something that was said on my blog, 'cause I'm not a partner. Looks like you are having fun with it, to be honest I'm not certain I have the time to do it up properly. Makes me sad though, to think I might have hurt Russ's feelings. Tell him for me that I'm sorry, Okay, LOL?

Pretty Things said...

I certainly hope you're not getting flak from anyone! I'd love to be a partner of their's -- I eagerly await the Baltimore show each year and take home a huge haul.

I just started a blog partnership with ArtBeads and follow all their guidelines -- no one has sent me mean mail yet ... Wow, I just had no idea. I'm sorry for anything bad going on!

Dave Robertson said...

No worries, Llyynn, is your name in the "I Want to be a Blog Partner" drawing?

:) Dave