Friday, October 16, 2009

Ornamentea, An Etsy Sale and Comments on the Comments

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Thanks for all the great comments on the disclosure. I always appreciate your comments and love to hear from you!

Unfortunately, I wasn't very clear where was coming from when I posted. So let me try to clarify. The FCC (I think) has come up with a new ruling requiring bloggers to disclose that they are paid to talk up a product. Companies have dedicated staff on social networking sites talking up products and people. They get real salaries, real money to pay their bills and buy groceries. I get paid in a goody bag. I can't send jump rings and Swarovski crystals to the gas company and they'll consider my bill paid. But the FCC works in broad strokes so since I blog about a product, then I need to disclose.

So that's why I wrote the "no secrets" post.

In keeping with my "No Secrets Policy," I've gotten an exciting selection of products from Ornamentea as part of a creative challenge to the editors of the Art Bead Scene. Each editor is to come up with jewelry using similar items from Ornamentea. I love working with the other beadmakers at ABS, they're such a creative bunch! You should check out the sale that Melanie is having on Etsy.

Buy I'm digressing from the fabulous findings I'm working with right now. I've received a 10 Loop Ring in Antique Brass, Medium Knurled Round Chain in Antique Brass and a Snake Hook in Antique Brass

Yummy! I've had these on my design table for over a week thinking and turning them over and over trying to decide what I wanted to create. I started putting together a piece using my Frost Links in Pear. The Pear color goes so well with the rich tones of the antiqued brass.

What do you think I'm working on? A necklace? A ring?


Silver Parrot said...

Don't know what you're working on, but I LOVE that chain! Can't wait to see your finished design!

rosebud101 said...

A brooch!

Jeannie said...

How to get the Gas Company to let you pay in findings?

A necklace!

Unknown said...

I love the snake toggle, ( & hey getting goddie bags is cool too!)can't wait to see what create.