Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Double Dippin' - Coral Charms Freebie How to

I want to keep the Double Dips ideas coming. Here are the original Double Dips:

I have to admit to an addiction to the Italian made coral colored glass. It usually striates in the flame and produces a varigated coral colored bead. So I selected the coral colored Double Dip to make charms.


1 Double Dip in Coral


Round nose pliers
Flush cutters that will cut up to 18 ga wire
Chainnose pliers
Optional: steel bench block and chasing/planishing hammer


1. Cut the Double Dip in the middle so you have equal length.

2. Make a wrapped loop using the round nose pliers. Please note the 18 gauge wire is dead so it's easy to wrap.

3. Optional: Hammer the loop a couple of times on each side to work harden.

The 18 gauge copper wire gives these charms an ethnic feel. If you're not inclined or unable to make your own Double Dip Charms, these are available!


mairedodd said...

that is a great idea! and i love the glass color too - especially with the copper wire...

ClickNCamera said...

Those are really special and would be an interesting addition to so many designs! Beautiful!