Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Drop of Sunshine....

Lately, I'm into very long necklaces with just a crystal or a few charms. When I went to NYC at Thanksgiving, I made sure I hit as many bead shops as possible. That's where I found a set of deep red faceted crystal drops. I love red, it's my favorite color, so I had to buy them.

Color symbolism varies from culture to culture. Popular U.S. culture probably would interpret red to represent blood. the bleeding heart would be a perfect place for a vampire inspired necklace.

But if we're talking about me, Cindy and not when I'm in a bad mood or feeling insecure, I'd prefer to interpret red as representing the sun. When I wear this around my neck it means I'm wearing a drop of sunshine.


mairedodd said...

and how rather appropriate that you connect to red... in china it is linked to the symbol for fire and has a lot of positive associations! hmmm, you will have to fill me in on the good bead shops in the city... i live so close - and have never been to any!!

Azure Accessories said...

Gorgeous...that is a "me" necklace...I would wear that often. I do love the look of the chunky, busy necklaces but I've never worn them myself and now that I'm older I've arthritis in my neck so I can't wear even if I wanted to!

What a gorgeous color the drop is...I'm not a huge fan of orange reds, but I really like this particular blue red!!!

"A drop of sunshine" perfect description!!!


Sheila said...

Gorgeous piece. I am actually wearing a glass pendant I'd purchased from you about a year ago.

rosebud101 said...

That's a beautiful necklace, Cindy! It's a sunrise to me!