Saturday, January 09, 2010

Giveaway 1 winner and Giveaway 2 for mixed media

People must be out enjoying the sun or doing their regular Saturday errands which means all the more for Emanda who wins the first giveaway! YAY! More for Emanda! Send me an email at Emanda so I can send you the beads!

Not to ignore my mixed media, stamping colleagues - my next giveaway is a very large set of resin watch parts cabochons made by moi.

How might you use these resin cabs? Leave me a comment and you could win them!


EmandaJ said...

Hi Cindy,

It's icy cold here in North Texas and I really don't want to go outside or even do all the chores I should be doing. So, you see, you are my lovely distraction this bright Saturday!

Resin pieces would add a sparkling twist to my stash. It would get me out of my stone bead funk.


Pretty Things said...

That resin rocks. I'd probably make charms out of it and mix it up with charms made out the larger parts of watch pieces that I have -- the resin pieces would lighten up the heavier, all metal watch parts.

Lacey said...

I love steampunky things and would just love love love to get my freezing cold little hands. I'd go crazy making pendants and beaded cabs and heaven only knows what.

Aaamandaaa said...

steampunk jewelry ahoy!