Monday, May 31, 2010

Mad for....Toronto

For the last few years, we've spent every Memorial Day weekend in Toronto. Finding ourselves with a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, we parked our car and hopped on a streetcar to take a walk around the Kensington Market. I snapped a few shots of the colorful shops.

The red "Courage" cut out flags are my favorite. But what's up with the nude mannequins?

It still mystifies me that anyone can dislike yellow - it's so happy and well, sunny!

For those of you who have never been, here's a little video tour....

Do you have a favorite place to visit and explore?


Eve said...

Hi Cindy,
Hope you had a great weekend in Toronto. Those colourful houses look like right here in my neck of the woods, England.

One of my favorite place to visit and explore is the wild life park here in Devon. I love feeding the animals.

Unknown said...

Toronto is really such a nice city. I love it too.