Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Handmade Vogue: Statement Necklaces

Everywhere you go these days you see 'em - they're in vogue - Statement Necklaces.  They're over-the-top, full of chains, beads, flowers, and what-nots. I love 'em!  So much so, I made my first statement necklace in February. I'm hooked now and want to design more but before I do, I've been pouring over the internet and have scooped up inspiration for us both!

Statement necklaces can be worn with anything but keep your shirt simple, button down, small collar or t-shirts make a great canvas to show off your statement.  I'm particularly enamoured of the "lots of chain" necklaces. Like this one....

Betsey Johnson's Picnic Statement Necklace on Zappos (photo courtesy of Zappos.) It's Betsey Johnson what can I say? I should write a whole blog post on how I've loved Betsey Johnson since the 1980's. Her style, her clothes, her jewelry just puts a smile on my face. But I digress from my mission today, to share my inspiration.

Cruising over to Etsy to check out the inspiration there, I found this handcrafted, seed bead encrusted beauty...

Custom Doloris Petunia Necklace on Etsy (photo courtesy of Doloris Petunia)

If you love Steampunk Style, then you'll love what I found on Artfire.

Steampunk Tribal Kuchi Cogs n Gears Statment Necklace by Decibel on Artfire (photo courtesy of Decibel on Artfire)

The Art Bead Scene Carnival Bloggers will show off the statement necklaces they've made this Friday, June 4 in a visual blog hop. We'll have a hop from blog to blog with lots of inspiration for you.

Have you tried making a statement necklace?


TesoriTrovati said...

Fun! Can't wait to see what you have all come up with!
Enjoy the day!

Sarah said...

Some gorgeous necklaces there. i shall be watching out for the blog hop, can't wait to see what you have all come up with! I think I need to make a statement necklace for myself!

Pretty Things said...

Wow! I have to admit, I've made a few statement necklaces to draw people into my booth, not expecting them to sell because my demographic is sort of conservative, but they've pretty much all sold, so you just never know! Make what you love and feel drawn to and enjoy it!!!!

DVArtist said...

I am looking forward to see what everyone has in their creative spirits.