Monday, July 12, 2010

Mad for Monday: Rings and Commitment

Summer is the season of weddings, graduations and street fairs. Weddings are a traditional show of commitment while graduations are the celebration of years of a commitment to schooling. Artists and craftsmen gear up in the spring for a round of summer street fairs demonstrating their commitment to sharing their artwork with others.

I've seen the fruits of my labor in the publication of two easy wire projects in Step by Step - Meandering and my Double Dip Adjustable Ring:

Rings are a symbol of lifelong commitments so it seems appropriate for this month's Carnival Blog theme to take a stroll through some of my favorite handmade art rings.

I love this set of two rings by Happy Go Lucky with customized sayings on them:

Then there's this sweet stitched heart duo by Express Yourself

How cute is this bow ring by Pauper's Bounty?

So as we continue through the summer, what are you committed to?


Michelle Mach said...

Rings are such a perfect subject for "commitment." Your ring is very clever!

Christine Hansen said...

Cindy, I just love your double-dip ring! It's and the rings pictured just below it (silver, with words stamped) are my favorites of your post!

Jeannie said...

I absolutely love your ring. It would look good stacked with some of the happy go lucky rings.