Monday, July 05, 2010

Manic Monday

 Yes, I seemingly dropped off the planet for the past two weeks. Eventually, my crazy work schedule caught up with me. Then The Teen graduated and my anniversary. Tomorrow, the work crew comes in to gut and remodel our bathroom. They'll be here for a week to ten days. Apparently, we'll be without a shower for a day or two. Consider this your warning, Co-workers!

All this change and remodeling talk started me thinking about my own office space. You know the room in your house that you plan to fix up but you don't? You end up putting things in willy-nilly and then you try to add storage but it never quite comes together?  Well that's my office. See for yourself:

I probably should be embarassed to show it to you but I'm showing it anyways. All of the clutter under the desk is years of school work from The Teen. I think it goes back to middle school. I kept all of it because I was sure at some point the school would send home a letter and say he had to turn in something or he couldn't graduate! Now that he actually has the diploma in hand, I think I can throw these papers into the recycle bin.

Basically, I have lots of bare wall space and not enough storage for tiny things - like all those beads and books! I've got a plan, though. Here it is:

1. Clean out the paper.

2. Clean out the bead stash so I can have a HUGE SALE and GIVEAWAY!

3.  Decide on some REAL storage! Pegboard? Cupboards? Both?

While I'm cleaning and readying for a HUGE SALE (which I will announce formally in a few days), I've got lots to do and it's already Monday! 

Wish it were's another Manic Monday!


Lacey said...

I saw the heading for your post and automatically the Bangles came into my mind...sad thing is, I was only 6 when that song came out!! Oh well, guess it's one of those things that kinda stick with you. Have a blessed day!!

Alice said...

Oh my, not sure I could go without a shower for even one day here in humid Kansas! Don't forget to show us before and after photos of the remodel.

Best of luck on your clean-up. Peg board would not work for me since we have so much dust (gravel roads) and everything would have a coat of dust on it. I have to keep everything in containers or behind doors. Bleh.

EmandaJ said...

Hi Cindy,

I'm glad you showed us a picture of your cluttered space -- my whole house is like that (::blush::). I have friends that told me about their mother, who used to have a room just like that. She called it her plunder room. You know, when you pillage and conquer, what do you do with the plunder?? It goes in a room (willy-nilly) and you just close the door on it.

Good luck on your re-model and studio organization.


Shai Williams said...

Wow! Your space looks remarkably like mine. But we are going to ve looking at a house sometime this week. I am so excited as it has 4 bedrooms for the 2 of us so I get to finally have a separate room for a studio. And a basement so I finally start playing with fire.

Lisa Crone said...

Oh wow, I think your office space looks pretty good! I would REALLY be embarassed if anyone saw mine right now. It shouldn't take you long at all to get this in order!! :)