Monday, October 17, 2011

What's Up This Week: Metal Clay class, Baby Lock and Craft Activisim

Fall has turned out to be very busy for me! I've got lots of catching-you-up to do so I'll overview what I'm blogging about this week.  Last time you visited, I was nervously awaiting my metal clay class with Hadar Jacobson. It was a fabulous class and it didn't matter that I hadn't had a lot of experience with metal clay. Hadar took us through the basics and I had alot of help from my classmates.

Mokume Gane Metal Clay fresh from the kiln

The pieces in the photo look a little crisy but they're supposed to look like that. More on Hadar's class tomorrow. I've tested my kiln and fired pieces at home without the luxury of having Hadar close by to give me feedback.  You'll see how I've done.

Next up, my Creative Pro Baby Lock Sewing Machine is back from her tune up. YAY! Now I can get on with the jewelry display sewing projects I have lined up!

While I was at Hadar's class last weekend, Craft Activism by Joan Tapper and Photography by Gale Zucker arrived at my doorstep.

 Photo from the Random House Website

I'm devouring all the crafty goodness in it right now and will be reviewing it later this week.

That's what's on my plate for this week, what about you? What are you up?

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